Welcome to DMAC!

an Anglican Church in the Sunnyslope neighborhood of Phoenix

You can receive new life, peace in the present and a sure hope for the future.

Join us for worship this Sunday at 9:30 am
at 234 E Alice Ave.

We're saving a place for you

Here's what to expect:The service starts at 9:30 am.
Someone will be ready to greet you at the door and answer any questions you may have!
Plan on arriving 15 minutes early to find your seat, get a bulletin and check in any kids coming with you!We're located at 234 E Alice Ave.Children's Sunday School is usually (but not always) offered for school-age kids during the sermon.Children are invited to follow the teacher from chapel building to the Parish Hall for their Bible-based lesson. Children return with the teacher after the sermon. When Sunday School isn't offered, the sermon is shortened appropriately.Come as you are.
You'll find people dressed in a variety of ways - most dress business casual.
Our worship is joyful, lively & reverent.
The service is a thoughtful blend of traditional and contemporary elements. Everything you need to know will be in the bulletin and projected on the wall.
We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday.
All baptized Christians are welcome to receive. If you've not been baptized or for whatever reason you don't wish to receive, you are warmly welcomed to come forward in the Communion line to receive a blessing.
Masks remain optional.
Let's take good care of each other, and our neighbors. We are constantly evaluating best practices to keep each other healthy and reduce the spread of illness in our gatherings.
We can't wait to worship with you soon!Still have questions? Get in touch!

About our church


At Desert Mission Anglican Church, we joyfully proclaim the Good News about Jesus Christ!He is alive, he is Lord, and he has begun the renewal of all things, starting with his people, the church.Because of him you can receive new life, peace in the present and a sure hope for the future...all as a loving gift from God to you and the whole world.Our worship and culture is oriented around the person and work of Jesus Christ, as he is revealed in Scripture, as we are united to him through the Sacraments, and as we are transformed to be more like him in the power of the Holy Spirit.


We believe the Bible to be the divinely inspired, authoritative witness to the amazing love of God in Jesus Christ. You can expect the Holy Scriptures to be treasured, read, taught, wrestled with, and prayed in our community.We believe Jesus meets us inwardly in a special way as we participate outwardly in particular acts of worship, called Sacraments. Our Sunday gatherings follow an ancient pattern (called a liturgy) that is interactive and culminates in the celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion (also called the Eucharist).We believe God the Holy Spirit changes our hearts to be more like Jesus, calling and equipping us to lay down our lives for the sake of others. We trust the Spirit moves powerfully today as he did in the early Church.With God's help, we strive to behave with transparency, integrity, openness, kindness, and hospitality. We ask God for wisdom and courage to take bold action and calculated risks in faith for the sake of the Gospel.


Fr. Nathan R. Hale,

Steward Toliver,
Minister of Admin & Evangelism

Amber Hale,
Minister of Music

Fr. Koos van Leeuwan, Priest in Residence

Jamie Collins,
Pastoral Liaison

Kathy Bowersock, Congregational Liason

Scott Shaw, Jamie Timm, Talitha van Leeuwen, Jamie Collins, Carolyn Paski
Corporate officers
Nathan Hale (President), Steward Toliver (Vice-President),
Talitha van Leeuwen (Secretary), Carolyn Paski (Treasurer)
Ministry Leaders
Bread Ministry & Altar Guild - Geri Miller
Lectors - Jamie Collins
Acolytes - Scott Shaw
Hospitality & Welcome - Rachael Toliver
Kids Coordinator - Laura Butron
Women's Ministry - Kathy Bowersock
Inter-Tribal Anglican Mission - Deacon Bryan Myron
Connect Group - Jamie Timm

Our Ministries

  • In-person worship weekly, including children's Sunday School for K-5th grade

  • Bread & other food distributed to the needy in our Sunnyslope neighborhood weekly

  • Men's & Women's groups for social and spiritual growth

  • Youth group

  • Regular Learning & Equipping events

  • Neighborhood group for connection & spiritual support

  • Mission to Native people in Arizona

  • Benevolence fund to help the church members and others in need


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Your faithful generosity
makes a difference

You are essential to helping our ministry of faithful presence and Gospel mission continue in this location.There are three ways you can make financial contributions to the ministry of Desert Mission Anglican Church:Give Online ← quick & easyGive in person → Bring your donation to an in-person serviceGive by mail → Send your donation to:
Desert Mission Anglican Church
P.O. Box 9156
Phoenix, AZ 85068
Your prayer support and financial gifts help feed the hungry, provide basic practical assistance to those in need, host joyful events for families and children, and keep a house of Christian prayer and worship active in the immediate area.

What's an Anglican?

The Anglican Way is a way of being a Christian that is based on the Bible and the patterns of worship recorded there that were continued by the early church.The word “Anglican” means that we trace the beginnings of our church to the Church of England, through the Reformation of the 16th Century, all the way back to the earliest English-speaking Christians.As committed Anglicans, we affirm the 39 Articles of Religion (a statement from the English Reformers addressing theological issues that were particularly pressing in their time), along with the theology expressed in the Ordinal (liturgies for ordaining clergy) and the liturgies found in the Book of Common Prayer, 1662.