We’re so grateful to worship with you! Here’s what to expect on Sunday morning.

It’s our honor and joy to worship with you!

Here at DMAC, we do our best to incorporate the practices of the historic Christian Church in a way that continues to speak powerfully to today’s world.

Our worship and culture is shaped by what we call the Three Streams:

The Scriptures – You can expect to hear the Bible read, taught, and prayed in our services (listen to previous sermons). The Holy Scriptures are our highest authority for faith and practice.

The Sacramental – Our worship follows an ancient pattern (called a liturgy) that is interactive and culminates in the celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion (also called the Eucharist).

The Spirit – We believe God the Holy Spirit moves powerfully today as he did in the early Church. The Holy Spirit changes our hearts to be more like Jesus and empowers us for mission.

If you are visiting for the first time, don’t worry about following along. Everything you need to know will be on the screen.

Our music is for the most part contemporary.

By the way, feel free to come as you are. You’ll see people in everything from suits and dresses, to shorts and tee-shirts. Most dress business casual.

Children of all ages are welcome at DMAC.

10653449_700266220050324_6850232786372515698_nWe offer childcare on Sundays for children age 4 and under; grades K-5 go to Sunday School during the sermon. Grades 6-12 meet at 11:15 am. If you’d like to keep your children with you during the whole service, you are welcome to do that! Don’t worry about some noise or movement; the presence of children is a gift! If you need to leave the service and take your child to the cry-room in the back for a bit, that’s okay, but please return. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”