Our Vision

Our vision for DMAC is a simple, neighborhood parish, pursuing faithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and centering our common life together around Holy Eucharist–which propels us toward acts of service for our local communities.

Simply put, we exist to worship the Triune God in community, laying down our lives for each other and the people of Sunnyslope.

We work, by the grace of God, to be like Jesus in how we think, act, and speak. This means we do our best to act with integrity, kindness, hospitality, boldness, and above all, self-giving love. We approach worship and discipleship from a “Three Streams” perspective: saturated in the Scriptures, receiving Christ in the Sacraments, and living every day in the power and fellowship of the Spirit.

We organize our common life together around the faithful worship of God each Sunday in Holy Eucharist, allowing this sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise to fuel our life of deep fellowship, personal devotion, responsible stewardship, and sacrificial service.

We look for these markers of faithfulness to make sure we’re on track:

Christ-focused, Gospel-centered Sunday mornings ● Servant leadership ● Guests received with joyful welcome and kind hospitality  ● Discipleship-oriented community ● Consistent, no-strings-attached, loving service to our neighborhood ● Wise and obedient stewardship of material and non-material resources