10 Most Wanted

I posted on an earlier blog some thoughts from the Winter Conference 2009 and the theme “Grow Out On A Limb.” Out on the limb is where the fruit is. But how do we get intentional and actually go out to the fruit? One of the ways is to prepare ourselves by strengthening ourselves with the power of God. The Lenten season is an excellent time for us to look inward and reflect on ways that hinder us from doing what God desires for the lost. But we can’t stop there. Lent can be the time of pruning so we can bear more fruit, as Jesus stated in John 15.

During this season I am challenging each member of DMAC to pick up the devotional “My Most Wanted Devotional – 40 Days To Pray For The Lost.” We are providing the devotional for you to list the 10 people you most want to see saved and pray for them for 40 days. This is what Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM calls, ‘doing the possible so God can do the impossible.’ If it is God’s desire to see people come to Him through Jesus Christ (and I believe it is) then we can bring before Him our ’10 Most Wanted’ and watch Him do the work that only He can do in the lives of those He sent His Son to die for. He has done His part. It is up to us to do our part. Let this be your Lenten journey.